About us

The gateway for Cradle to Cradle knowledge, expertise and professionals

The C2C-Centre is the springboard to anything you need to know on Cradle to Cradle. We connect knowledge, expertise and people on the practical application of the Cradle to Cradle principles. This way, we aim to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We offer a platform where people and organisations can connect with each other and share their news, projects, products and tools on C2C and the circular economy.

By offering this platform, we help build a community of professionals inspired to contribute to a circular economy by applying the C2C principles in development projects and business practices.

The C2C-Centre was founded in 2012 by the C2CExpoLAB as part of its broader ambition to become the front-runner on the regional application of the C2C principles. It is administered and supported by the C2C ExpoLAB Foundation. 

Functional benefits of the C2C-Centre

  • News / current affairs: The C2C-Centre is the go-to channel to stay up-to date on all the news, events and other development on C2C.
  • Access to knowledge: the C2C-Centre offers a comprehensive, quality knowledge base on new and available information on C2C.
  • Interaction / community: the C2C-Centre offers a community of C2C professionals and enthusiasts who can share information and expertise on C2C and engage in discussions on C2C-related topics.

Core values

  • We are positive: we see cradle to cradle as a positive and fun way to embrace the transition to a circular economy
  • We guarantee quality: we assure that all the information on the C2C-Centre is accurate and in line with the C2C principles and philosophy;
  • Getting better together: we believe that cradle to cradle thrives by smart cooperation between companies, government, and knowledge institutes. 

Acceleration and upscaling of the transition to a circular economy according to the C2C principles in the Venlo region and beyond;

By embracing the Cradle to Cradle principles, business, government and society as a whole can make the transition to a circular economy. The C2C-Centre aims to accelerate this transition by collecting and disseminating the available knowledge; and experiences from putting the C2C principles to practice.

Unlocking the knowledge and expertise on C2C from the Venlo region and beyond for C2C professionals and enthusiasts.

There is a wealth of valuable knowledge and expertise on the application of the C2C principles from businesses, government, knowledge institutes and other professionals. To make the most of this information, C2C professionals and enthusiast can access, share and circulate this information on and through the C2C-Centre.

An interactive knowledge platform with a comprehensive overview of news, products, projects, companies and tools on C2C

The C2C-Centre provides a comprehensive overview of products, projects, companies, events and tools related to C2C and the circular economy. In addition, it provides professionals and enthusiast the opportunity to connect with each other on their questions and dilemma‚Äôs with regard to the application of C2C.